Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dining Out With K and J

So far, we've enjoyed all of our dining experiences in Richmond. Though there's nothing here that can come close to, say, Grammercy Tavern in terms of hiting every note--thoughtful wine list, quality ingredients, professional service-- there are plenty of restaurants who make delicious food and serve it in enjoyable atmospheres. They all serve it in copious quantities, too, which works out great for us: we've been sitting at bars, getting glasses of wine, splitting an entree, and leaving-- full-bellied, and only $30 lighter.


  1. katy....can i just point out that last picture of your series here?..... cuz it's funny. and my mind is usually in the gutter. and i know yours is too. and i miss you!!!

  2. What is it about mushroom salt and pepper shakers that makes you think of gutters?

  3. i've been waiting for someone to mention those. they're actually filled with tartar sauce.
    xoxo katy