Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Best Outdoor Seating

 The Citizen downtown.  Prettiest courtyard in the city.  Not really their seating but there are tables outside for public use.
 He had  Pulled pork and special house-made cabbage relish on a pressed bolillo roll with a side of lentils.  She had something called a salad.  All served on paper plates.  They recycle.  In the cup is a lovely little white Languedoc wine from Laurent Miquel ($8.95 at J. Emerson) which was smuggled within a sparkling water bottle, don't want any unnecessary attention from the fuzz.
 The Citizen is underground in a secret location (909 E. Main St, Richmond, VA 23219).  There are always tables open.  It's cheap too.
 Coolest building to view.

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