Saturday, April 17, 2010

And the Best Coffee in Richmond is...

Petersburg? Yeah, 20 miles away Petersburg. A little jewel of a small town really. One thing we do miss about NYC is the good espresso which didn't exist there until 2001 when "9th Street Espresso" came along. Then about the same time "Joe", "Cafe Grumpy" opened up. Followed by "Gimmee Coffee", "Redhorse Cafe", that Swedish place, "Southside Coffee" then the "Stumptown" invasion. A handful of others. Maybe Richmond will see a coffee Renaissance someday soon. It really doesn't take much longer to get to Petersburg than it did to get to "9th Street" which was a 45 minute subway/walk from our place in Brooklyn. The new joint there is called "Demolition Coffee". It is in a cool old warehouse with exposed wood beams and brick. Even the bathroom is cool with tin walls and a photo of a hairy muscleman. They have a top notch machine and serve Counter Culture coffee, soon to start using Intellegentsia. Many coffee shops in Richmond serve Counter Culture but they screw it up big time. These guys at "Demolition Coffee" are pulling lovely ristretto shots and stretching some silky milk. Hurray! Our only worry is that they serve sandwiches and other food stuff, we hope the quality doesn't suffer.

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